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Check his work out everywhere!!!!
Check his work out everywhere!!!!
Attended 2013 Ascap I do Music Expo in Hollywood. - Attended 2013 iStandard Producers Beatcamp in Atlanta Ga. - Attended ProMedia Protools Classes @ Stankonia Studios in Atlanta Ga. - Protools Certified Engineer - Graduated from Audio Institute Of America. Experience in - Recording/Tracking Vocals and Instruments. - Audio Mixing - Audio Editing
Trakaholic - Certified Producer and Engineer

Born and raised in the dirty south. DIBB$ began his musical career at a young age.
During which he has graced the stage with many industry legends such as Eight Ball & MJG,
Goodie Mob, Pastor Troy, Mo B Dick, Bohagan, Lil Scrappy, BOB, and more. DIBB$ was able to
begin booking shows based on mixtape exposure with limited radio play. In 2004 he formed
Ambush Entertainment Group as most of our talented people aren't business minded or business
savvy and he saw a niche he and his network could fulfill and profit from!!

Ms. Drama Ganza - Crankin Entertainment CEO

is currently a California resident by way of the ATL but a product of the midwest. She is a cross between Lauryn Hill, Lil Kim and Mia X. She is soft and sultry yet gangsta when she has to be. She is an original member of the Street Kings and Queens Movement. During her time in Atlanta she set the showcase and open mic scene on fire to the point that local radio stations such as Hot 107.9 were spinning her songs 'Girl Next Door' and 'Gotta Like Me'. She took her talents to the west coast where she is now writing songs, performing and learning the most important part of the music industry and that is the business side.

Ms. Flawless - CEO Brick Entertainment & O.M.G.G.

is the heart and soul of the Street Kings and Queens Movement. She has toured with the likes of the Source Magazine and was a finalist in the Source Free Style battle. She has landed features with Pastor Troy, Ying Yang Twins and Sammy Sam to mention a few. All of Atlanta's underground legends know and respect the works of Ms. Flawless. She is now less focused on the artist side of the industry and is now writing as well as beginning a new online magazine featuring music and hair called 'Snatched'!!!!

DJ Tommy Browne
Ambush A&R & Official DJ

bred and born ATLIEN got his start DJing parties at the Warehouse in the early 90's. He is the official DJ of the Street Kings and Queens movement and talent scout for Ambush Entertainment Group. DJ Tommy Browne is well known in DJ circles and although he Fs with all DJs he is a member of X Squad DJs.

Young Johnny CEO of Chambers County Music & Film

is a hustler first and foremost. He is one of those people that you can drop off in the middle of the
 planet and he will be okay. Not only is he an artist but also, producer, engineer, videographer, writer,
 photographer, graphic design artist and much more. For these reasons alone he is a great asset to Ambush.

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